A Blurb About ‘An Odd Geography’

I’ve been working on my agent pitch letter which should include a blurb about the book you’re writing. Here, to answer that question “What’s the book about”, I’ve copy/pasted the draft of what I’ve got so far:


‘An Odd Geography’ is a coming-of-age collection of humorous essays that combine memoir with travel narrative to discuss queer issues, national identity, pop culture, the psychology of spaces, and personality of place.

In his 20s, insecure and selfish, Sam Rodgers decided to travel to every continent on Earth and did it, inflicting upon the world awkward growing pains, coming out, rejection, and isolation. Originally fleeing the mundanity of suburbia in search of a lucky break, he finds that he can’t escape the restrictions of his lazy self. ‘An Odd Geography’ is about the places inhabited by an arrogant, queer, white boy, who learns about privilege and fear. As he journeys further within himself, the more ground he covers: rather than a list of countries, he ticks off the challenges he overcomes, from learning another language to handling his predisposition for self-sabotage, whether in love or at work.

This thoughtful, embarrassing coming-of-age tale of a boy obsessed with reading and creating maps is laced with dark humour and careful avoidance of advice. ‘An Odd Geography’ may not inspire your next trip overseas, but you might relate to the melancholy and narcissism of youth within its pages. This is a guidebook for how not to live your twenties.

The book opens at night on a country road in remote Spain where the narrator walks, cradling a dwindling, bruised ego, spitting hate at the country that has nurtured his depression. From here the book delves into the narrator’s psyche as he travels to every continent on the globe, fumbling with his despondent disposition, and the complexities of human interactions – all set to a really cool soundtrack.

5 thoughts on “A Blurb About ‘An Odd Geography’

  1. Sold!! I would open with ” This is a guidebook for how not to live your twenties.” I like that as a sort of tagline, don’t you?

    1. I do! Please tell all the publishers in the world that you’re sold haha. I’ve gotta send my agent letters soon…

  2. Great! I’ m hooked. I was just at a couple of writers’ conferences and this could sell.

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